This is a beautiful time to be a laptop owner. In the 30-year quest to make laptops effortlessly portable, we’ve gone from behemoths like the Osborne 1 to sleek and transformable Ultrabooks. But the best laptop experience today is one that blends solid hardware (the kind that can change into a tablet, a stand, and a tent) with powerful apps. The Lenovo Yoga 11S is a thin and light Ultrabook made for what laptops do best — studying, working, or keeping on schedule wherever you go. Here are a few apps that take advantage of the Yoga's strengths.


OneNote is one of the more robust and reliable note-taking apps available in the Windows Store. It allows you to take online and offline notes that sync up with all your connected devices. If you’re a student, you can create different sections per subject to keep your class work and notes organized — even handwritten notes and doodles thanks to the Yoga's ten-point touchscreen. Plus it lets you share them with classmates.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is perfect for expanding on what you learned in the classroom, the lab, or the seminar you take after work. It offers thousands of touch-optimized lessons in subjects like organic chemistry, macroeconomics, and world history. It also offers videos featuring interviews with major thinkers and personalities. It’s basically like having a TED conference at your fingertips.


Todo is a premier to-do list app for Windows 8, and a must have if you ever find yourself overwhelmed by everyday responsibilities. Anything can be checked off with the tap of a finger, from your next deadline to your student loan payments. You can set up recurring to-dos, and even make sub-tasks that are part of big things you need to handle. For instance, if one of your tasks is set to “Survive My Cousin’s Wedding,” you can create sub-tasks for buying gifts and planning the bachelor party. Consider your life organized.


TouchDown extends everything the native Mail app is capable of — it's an email app for power users. You can easily keep up with your work, school, and personal mail with TouchDown’s seamless integration of your accounts. It also allows you to sync your calendar and contacts, and keeps things secure by giving you password encryption.


Apps like these take advantage of the best of the Yoga: its lightness, responsive keyboard, and bright 11-inch HD touchscreen. And with its ability to transform into its three additional modes, the Yoga 11S was made to get things done. Click here to find out more about what the Lenovo Yoga 11S can do for you.