How Garbage Trends Are Killing Good Food

Eating food is something that, if we’re lucky, most of us do every day. In fact, our bodies are built for it and need to do it to survive. Take our layout: We have hands to hold food with, a mouth to put food into, and a butt to poop it all out. And yet, we’ve turned something natural into a clusterfuck. How?

Adulting Doesn't Have to Be Terrible

Everybody knows being an adult is hard. You have to get up on time, work all day, feed yourself, maybe fit in some exercise — and then you have to do it all again, at least several times more! Talk about exhausting. But you can make adulthood way more fun by joining forces with pals. Here’s how.

YAS! vs. NOO!

Some things in life are YAS! Other things are NOO! But sometimes — especially when cute and cuddly animals are involved — it can be hard to know which is which. We’ve compiled a handy guide to stuff that’s YAS and other stuff that’s NOO, in slider form. Slide those sliders left and right to make sure your life is on…

Subway Trippin', North Brother Island, and Chicken Littering: A Broad City Adventure in Queens

Welcome to another installment of our tour of New York, in which we try to unlock the mysteries of Queens by channeling our inner Abbi and Ilana. Can we adopt enough of a DGAF attitude to kick the shit out of some rotisserie chickens? We’re Maddy and Ange and we’re certainly going to try. Maybe we’ll go big and then

Petting, Pit-Sniffing, and Other Women’s Turn-Ons

Contrary to the one-size-fits-all sex approach that pervades the media, most women don’t climax after really fast, thrusty, clothes-on sex sans foreplay. (Shout-out to male directors who think five pumps = female orgasm! Smiley face emoji, gun emoji.) There may be some gals who get off on the fast and furious method,…