How to Navigate Playground Politics

As a relatively well-adjusted adult, you may assume that your most trying social challenges are behind you. You survived high-school cliques, learned to navigate office dynamics, and even managed to get on your father-in-law’s good side. But you’re a parent now, and having kids opens the door to a whole new social…

How to Right Your Email Wrongs

Listen: No matter how much experience you have, navigating the good ol’ World Wide Web with decency, class, and politeness can be difficult. Sometimes, you get yourself into a reply-all mishap, and you’re left wondering if you need to hide from technology forever.

How to Survive Your High School Reunion

There’s nothing more stress-inducing than attending your high school reunion. You must simultaneously make conversation with ex–unrequited crushes, eat mediocre hors d’oeuvres, and impress the people who used to make fun of you during fifth-period gym. It’s practically a medieval torture device.

How to Survive Your First Day as a Manager

Congratulations! You’ve been hired in a managerial position! Your whole family is really proud! But oh man: You have no idea what you’re doing. It was hard enough to navigate a job as just another brick in the wall, but now you have to manage other people and exert authority like some sort of adult or something. The…

How to Be the Best Best Man You Can Be

After the last high fives have been slapped, the last tequila shooters have been shot, and the last declarations of undying bro-love have been made, the fact will remain that your pal/brother/etc. has just asked you to be his best man ... and you have no idea what the hell you are doing.