Today in things we must learn to live with: dating under the influence of the Internet. There once was a time when you didn't have to endure an album's worth of photos of your ex with her new boyfriend, a time when your mom couldn’t voice her disappointment about your single status on your Facebook wall. Those halcyon days are gone. Now our relationships must coexist with the Internet, and we have no choice but to handle it.

But we don’t have to simply deal we can welcome our new Internet overlords. Take Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman, the duo behind 40 Days of Dating. In an effort to overcome their relationship-related fears and shortcomings, the two friends dated, documenting the union as it unfolded through a series of journal entries, graphics, and videos.


While the relationship ended along with the experiment, Jessica and Tim gained experience both dating and breaking up while the Internet watches on. Wondering how to handle a “public” breakup or an oversharing partner? Jessica and Tim are here to answer your questions about 40 Days of Dating in the comments section.

Does the prospect of dating in the age of oversharing make you break into a cold sweat? Handle it with Speed Stick.

Photo by Santiago Carrasquilla