The Worst Landmarks In New York City and the Monsters You’ll Meet There

There’s so much to see in New York, from models flaunting their clavicles down Prince Street to freaks rubbing one out on the subway. Anyone who watches Hulu’s Difficult People knows that whether you’re a diehard New Yorker or a fresh-off the-boat tourist, there are certain sights you should NEVER behold. I accidentally stumbled into Times Square once seven years ago and I’m still dealing with it in therapy. Get the most out of your time in the city with this helpful interactive map of the city’s worst landmarks and the types of human trash-bags that hang there.


Now that you’re armed with this handy map, you can avoid the worst of the city and dive into what makes it truly fabulous. If you really wanna know the real New York you have to spend time with real New Yorkers, like the hilarious duo from Hulu’s Difficult People, Julie and Billy. Tune in to Hulu for some serious lolz and get an inside look at what makes this crazy city tick.

Rose Surnow is a TV writer and humor writer for websites and magazines such as New York Magazine, VICE, Cosmo, SELF, and more.

This post is a sponsored collaboration between Hulu and Studio@Gawker.

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