The true Sophie’s Choice for photographers is deciding what gear to bring on that distant getaway you’ve been planning all year. Do you pack every lens you own and risk exhaustion lugging them around, or do you sacrifice a possible once-in-a-lifetime shot by going light? There’s another option, if you consider taking an all-in-one lens like the Tamron 18-270mm Di II VC PZD. Let’s look at the reasons why, along with a $50 mail-in rebate, it might be the right choice for you.

1. Versatile

Are you not exactly sure what kinds of photos you want? Or maybe you want to record everything. An all-in-one lens can split the difference between gear choices with its ability to capture everything from a wide shot of the Egyptian pyramids to a close-up of a young boy racing through a market. Quickly moving between subjects isn’t a problem either, thanks to Tamron’s speedy Piezo Drive autofocus system. The old adage is true — the best camera is the one that’s with you — and packing a focal range of more than 250mm ensures that your camera is ready to take on almost any challenge.

2. Convenient size and weight

Hoisting extra lenses can weigh you down when you’re hiking up the steps of Machu Picchu. If you’re planning to travel long distances, or you’re already carrying a lot of other gear, then using an all-in-one lens can save valuable space and help keep you fresh. You don’t want to miss the perfect shot because you’re too tired to grab your camera.

3. Escapes the tripod

You’re pushing your way down a bustling street when you a spot a flower vendor perfectly framed within a dim archway. Good luck ripping out your tripod in time to compose the shot, let alone holding it steady in the middle of a crowd. Fortunately, Tamron's 18-270mm lens uses Vibration Compensation tech to stabilize the shaking caused by hand-held shooting. The result is the ability to use slower shutter speeds in lower light, whether you’re shooting at f/3.5 on the wide end or f/6.3 zoomed in. That could mean the difference between capturing a blurry mess versus the photo destined to hang on your living room wall.

4. Stays clean

The world is a dirty place and changing lenses out in the wild exposes your camera to dust, pollen and other debris that can throw ugly splotches onto your masterpieces. Sure, you can probably remove everything with careful editing in Photoshop — or you can avoid the problem in the first place by sticking to a single lens.

5. Saves Money

Photography is expensive. Goodness is it expensive. But an all-in-one lens can be a surprisingly affordable option, while picking up multiple prime lenses can easily run into the thousands of dollars. Tamron is even offering a $50 mail-in rebate valid until 5/13 to help you save. That’s money you could instead spend on more days sailing through the Galapagos Islands or trekking around Thailand.

So after your plane tickets are booked, head here for more info on the Tamron 18-270 Di II VC PZD and get ready to take some once-in-a-lifetime photos.

Matt Marquez writes about geek culture and the arts. Follow him on Twitter at @mattmarquez.