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In eager anticipation of the return of Twin Peaks, we asked you how you worship at the altar of David Lynch. In true Lynchian fashion, the results were bizarre and varied — some reliably insidery, some deeply eccentric — and all of them great.

Someone had, in fact, been to Silencio, the exclusive Parisian nightclub inspired by Mulholland Drive. Multiple people had dined on cherry pie at Twede’s Cafe, the real life Double R Diner. Several commenters even had active Kinja screen names inspired by Lynch films. And one reader weighed in on Lynch’s reach beyond on-screen entertainment, explaining that Transcendental Meditation (discovered by way of Lynch’s autobiography) vastly improved their personal mental well-being.

Other favorites? The reader who’s used thousands and thousands of beads to meticulously create Twin Peaks portraits in celebration of the series’ return:

The guy who plays multiple roles in creating his own Twin Peaks-esque shorts: 

The 24-year-old with great hair:

The commenter who hosts every Twin Peaks fan’s dream event:

Special Agent Dale Cooper, the cosplay edition:

And Special Agent Dale Cooper, the canine edition:

Check out all of the comments in all their Lynchian glory here, and get all the more jazzed for Twin Peaks, premiering May 21st at 9pm ET/PT on SHOWTIME.

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