Before we get started, put on some music. Dim the lights. We'll totally wait — the mood is super important for this conversation. What're we doing? We're having a hang out. A sensual one. Because here's the thing, solo fucking isn't just for single people, and vibrators aren't just for solo fucking. Expand your mind — it's 2015 — the future of bone-zone tech is here. Behold, the We-Vibe® 4 Plus. Here to lead you on this mystical journey of self-discovery ( are Nicole Byer and Fran Gillespie. [Update: We-Vibe® Global Passion Ambassador Tristan Weedmark is in the comments. Comment below and you could win a We-Vibe® 4 Plus]

"What's We-Vibe® 4 Plus?," you ask. Two words: Couples. Vibrator. Not only does this beautifully designed device dole out ungodly pleasure for your partner, but it also features smartphone control that allows you to wirelessly manipulate modes and vibrations from across the room — or the entire country. I t's about time geography stopped getting in the way of our orgasms, don't you think?

We-Vibe® is hosting an interactive Google Hangout with the aforementioned UCB comedians, in addition to We-Vibe®'s own "Global Passion Ambassador" Tristan Weedmark. Together, the panel will be fielding all the sex and relationship questions you're too scared to ask your doctor and possibly too embarrassed to ask your bestie.

To get you more comfortable with your sexual sherpas, let's learn a little more about our expert panel.

Nicole is a frequent commentator on MTV's Girl Code and scene stealer on The Birthday Boys. Along with Saturday Night Live featured player Sasheer Zamata, she created The Pursuit Of Sexiness, which was voted one of Variety's Top 10 Web Series of 2013.


Fran has been performing at Upright Citizen's Brigade since 2004. In addition to regular appearances on Earwolf's "Comedy Bang! Bang!," the Chicago native has also appeared on The Kroll Show and CollegeHumor Originals.

Finally, we're not totally sure what kind of interview process Tristan had to go through in order to snag her coveted "Global Passion Ambassador" position, but we totally bow down to her skills as a sex and relationships expert. When this lady talks about sex, we shut up and listen!

Maybe you want to know if it's normal to pee during sex or how to improve your partner's oral technique because their skills leave something to be desired. Leave all burning questions in the comments below and we'll make sure they get an answer that maintains your pH balance.

Leslie Simon is the author of Geek Girls Unite: How Fangirls, Bookworms, Indie Chicks and Other Misfits Are Taking Over the World. You can follow her on twitter at @redpatterndress and @geekgirlsunite.

This post is a sponsored collaboration between We-Vibe® and Studio@Gawker.