[Update: comments are now closed.] You read that right: Alpine extremist Chris Davenport not only climbed Mount Everest, he skied it. To be more specific, in May 2011, Davenport skied more than 2000 feet of the famous mountain's Lhotse face, something only a handful of skiers have done. That's only one of the reasons he's considered to be among the best and most daring big mountain skiers alive today — he's also the first person to ski all of Colorado's 14,000 foot peaks...in the span of one year.

For Davenport, skiing the biggest mountains in the world is just business as usual. Not only does such a feat take an incredible amount of skill, it also takes a special brand of fearlessness. His experiences have given him a unique perspective that has allowed him to become a preeminent speaker on risk management in business, as well as an Olympic and World Cup commentator. So basically, he knows what it means to take risks and succeed. And he's right here in the comments to discuss!

Are you looking to take your ski game from the black diamond to the Seven Summits but don't know what gear you need? Do you want to know why fear has no place in the mountains? Do you have a risky business venture you want to take to the next level? Wondering what kind of training it takes to be a world renowned pioneer? Ask away...

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