No, that low rumbling sound you hear isn’t an oncoming freight train. It’s the atmosphere around the Los Angeles Convention Center vibrating from all the excitement building for this year’s E3. As always, the details surrounding the legendary annual gathering of the gaming cognoscenti are shrouded in secrecy — but that’s never stopped anyone from making predictions about what’s going to be revealed.

Will Microsoft unveil the long-rumored Xbox One VR device to rule them all? Will the (supposedly) upcoming Legend of Zelda game finally get a firm release date? (And, if so, will anyone believe it?) This year, with the new class of consoles finally in place, it’s likely that every company in the industry will be vying to see who can blow the most minds with all the power at their disposal. But only one thing’s truly certain: whatever you’re prognosticating, there will be surprises in store.

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