Summer’s here, and it’s time to slow it down and remember what this season’s all about — lazing on the sand, basking in the sun, summer breezes, and brain freezes. Just slap on some sunscreen, and you’re ready to recover from a too-long winter.

Trade in your responsibilities for bike rides and your boardroom for the boardwalk, but there’s one commitment you can’t afford to shed this summer, and that’s your style. Lucky for you (and the people who have to look at you), Warby Parker’s got you covered. Inspired by summer crushes and sugar rushes, their new Ocean Avenue collection is reminiscent of your beach bum days, the ones you thought you left behind along with radios and roller skates. Only difference is, these sunglasses are all grown and sexy. Just like you! Head here to order yourself a pair.

The Jasper in Newsprint Grey: skinny love.

The Wheeler in Cream Soda: BYOB (bring your own beach).

The Percey in Burnt Lemon Tortoise: a toasted look to match your tan.

The Winston in Ginger Lemonade: 60s cool plus 21st century bold.

The Sayles in Sugar Maple: sweet and sticky.

The Preston in Sea Glass Blue: just add water.

The Percey in Cream Soda: drink it up.

The Beckett in Driftwood Brown: always a shore bet.

The Roosevelt in Chocolate Soda: eye candy for someplace sandy.

Choose your own adventure with the new Ocean Avenue collection from the one and only Warby Parker.