Wheels are the backbone of your car, but sometimes we don’t treat them that way. That’s because cleaning them can often prove tiresome. Crouching on the ground and scrubbing with your hands is time-consuming and tedious.

Enter Armor All Quicksilver Wheel and Tire Cleaner®. It works hard to remove the stubborn bits of grime that just won’t come off. The foam sticks to the wheels, and the dirt just peels off when you rinse. Want to know how it’s done? The graphics below shows just how simple it is to take your wheels from grime-covered to gleaming.

1. Grab a Bottle of Armor All Quicksilver Wheel and Tire Cleaner® and Spray Evenly on Dry, Cool Wheels

2. Sit Back Like a Total Baller and Wait 5 Minutes While It Soaks

3. Rinse Off with Hose

4. Dry with Soft Towel, Then Bask in Glory of Shiny Wheels

Armor All Quicksilver Wheel and Tire Cleaner® is so simple, all you have to do is spray on, hose off, and then shine with pride. It’s a revolutionary cleaner, letting your wheels look like their shiniest selves.

This post is a sponsored collaboration between Armor All and Studio@Gawker.