If getting the chance to make a superhero out of a car doesn’t get your creative juices flowing, you may need to reevaluate your sources of inspiration. Remember when we asked you to create your own superhero car using the Fiesta Movement widget? You responded by inventing some seriously inspired (and often hilarious) crime-fighting vehicles. We saw cars tricked out with fangs and wings, bug eyes and flames, even chains and fins. Your widget creations were so impressive and absurd, we had no choice but to showcase the best ones here.

It was difficult, but we managed to select the most impressive superhero car creations from the comments, and brought them together so you can see how inspired (and possibly disturbed) your fellow readers are. We bring you the best comic book supercars birthed from the imaginations of Kotaku, io9 and Jalopnik readers.

chulo333 — Unnamed Fiesta

XDRage — Invisible Fiesta

Tech-Hedz — Unnamed Fiesta

Shieldsdb — Shark With Lazers (Or Ill-Tempered Sea Bass) Fiesta

Titan-E34 — Fiesta Shark on Fire...with a utility belt!?

Cwestwell — Clean (or Villain) Fiesta

TaterTat — Redhead Devil Fiesta

AthomSfere — DeathFliesta

If you missed the first widget post, don't worry because we brought it back! Use the widget below to build your own comic-worthy supercar. Stay tuned because the Fiesta Movement will be bringing you live conversations with Marc Silvestri, cofounder of Image Comics and CEO of Top Cow Productions, and Felix Holst, the head of design for Hot Wheels.

Ford and the Fiesta Movement are celebrating their love of all things comics by connecting you with some of the greats in comics today. Wanna learn more? Keep up with the movement here.