The world is a noisy place. More often than not, the things that come out of peoples’ mouths are annoying, worrisome, and aggravating. You may leave the comfort of your home in a peaceful, even outright happy, mental state, but all it takes is one “I just don’t get why everyone is so obsessed with Game of Thrones. It’s, like, about dragons,” or “Amy Poehler just isn’t that funny,” and every ounce of joy you were harboring drains from your psyche.

Consider us the Lucius Fox to your Batman (if Batman fought annoying pedestrians as opposed to villains seeking global destruction). We’re arming you with Shure sound isolating ear buds to keep desired noise in, and unwanted mood-crushing banter out of your consciousness. Just take the survey in the banner on the left, check out the contest rules below, and enter to win auditory nirvana!

Contest Rules

Standard contest rules apply. Only open to US residents. To enter, email your answer to the last question of the survey to with "Shure Ear Buds" as the subject line. (Not seeing it or not eligible to take the survey? That means you may have already taken this survey or a similar one; you can still enter the contest by sending the first word on the ad on the left to You can also enter by sending your answer to the last survey question (or the first word on the ad on the left) and your contact information to Gawker Media, Attn: Shure Ear Buds, 210 Elizabeth Street, Third Floor, New York, NY 10012. The contest began on November 13 at 12:00 PM ET and ends on December 4 at 11:59 PM ET.