Here Are Eps 1-3 of Comedy Central's New Series: Binge While You Can!

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Big Time in Hollywood, FL is off to a roller coaster of a start — a satirical roller coaster driven by idiocy, mayhem, and some damn good cameos. Whether you’ve been laughing at the Dolfe brothers’ misfortune from the beginning, or your FOMO has finally motivated you to watch their hilarious downward spiral, the first three episodes are available right here for your binging pleasure.

So settle in, dim the lights (or indulge in whatever your binge-watching ritual is) and give in to the disasters the amateurish Dolfe brothers bring upon themselves. Because with episode four airing Wednesday, a binge-session is the most time-efficient means of getting caught up and ready for the next serving of Floridian mayhem. Spoiler alert for those of you devoting the next few hours of your life to Dolfe family antics: If episode four is anything like the first three, things are going to go from bad to whatever’s worse than accidentally causing the death of an innocent addict-turned-actor by DEA firing squad, overdosing on drugs that turn you into a wolf-ravaging beast, and landing in a rehab center staffed by nurses with frighteningly unorthodox methods of collecting urine samples. Anything’s possible in Florida — even the retirement communities get wild down there for god’s sake — so it’s safe to assume things will continue to get weird. There’s really no better way to get ready for whatever episode four has in store than reliving every dysfunctional moment spent with the Dolfe family thus far. Embrace the binge, right now, right here, available for free this week only!


What are your predictions for Ben and Jack Dolfe’s stint in rehab? How will Del fare under the scrutiny of private investigator Harvey Scoles? How much do you love Stephen Tobolowsky? What is your personal binge-watching technique (no judgments)? Share your feels about Big Time in Hollywood, FL in the comments, and tune in for episode four airing on Comedy Central on Wednesday at 10:30/9:30 Central.

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