Last Thursday night in NYC was the inaugural (that means first) Deadspin Awards, presented by REDD’S Apple Ale. Who knew how many sports fans would be willing to stand on line in the sweltering July heat to get into our venue, The Box, which was also kind of sweltering?

Evidently a lot.

Get it?

The Deadspin staff gave a group shout-out to REDD’S Apple Ale.

Folks posed for pics with Deadspinners including News Editor Tom Ley (center, the dude).

One superfan even shaved the Deadspin “D” into his ‘do. Now that’s commitment.

Gawker Media Group staffers past and present came out to see the show.

As did media and advertising execs.

As you can see, we had a packed (and mostly-paying-attention) house.

The real Drew Magary hosted. (The bow tie, however, was fake.)

People laughed, and cried (or maybe that was sweat).

Will Leitch, the original “man who ruined Deadspin,” presented the evening’s first award, for Most Offensive Media Personality.

Deadspin News Editor Tom Ley and Senior Editor Puja Patel presented the hotly contested award for Most Insane Coach.

And Deadspin Deputy Editor Barry Petchesky presented the final award of the night, Sportsperson of the Year.

Finally, it woudn’t be Deadspin if the whole thing didn’t get closed out with a rousing marching-band rendition of “Spanish Flea,” made famous by Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass (as well as a million Deadspin “lowlight” reels).

Thanks to REDD’S Apple Ale for making the Deadspin Awards possible, and thanks to everyone for coming out! We’ll see you again next year!

Photos by Noah Fowler.

This post is a sponsored collaboration between REDD’S Apple Ale and Studio@Gawker.