The road from college graduation to financial independence is paved with questions — lots and lots of questions. How do I get rid of all this student debt? Do I really need to get a credit card? What’s the most I can afford to spend on rent? I thought I knew what a 401(k) was, but I definitely don’t. You need some answers so you can set yourself on the path to financial confidence.

If you’ve been working toward a degree since, well, basically your first day of kindergarten, “what’s next?” can be a pretty daunting question. Fortunately, resources like personal finance blogs, financial institutions like Frost Bank, this infographic, and, yes, even your parents can help you prepare for the milestones ahead of you.

Entering the world of adult finances comes with significant responsibility, but it doesn’t have to be scary or confusing. In fact, it should be an exciting, rewarding mark of your independence. Now that you have a clear picture of your financial life after college, let Frost Bank help you turn that plan into reality.

Casey Bond is a seasoned personal finance writer and currently serves as the Content Director and voice of

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