Photography by Justin Cross & Jake Inferrera

I’ve always been pretty good at time-management. In part, that’s because I’m naturally a flake. So I overcompensate. I add thirty minutes to my travel time. I make at least three different calendar reminder for appointments. I even set monthly alarms on my phone to remind myself to pay my bills.

But this is clearly not the most efficient way to deal with things. With a recent promotion and all the new assignments and tasks that came with it, it was time to rethink my routines. The Fossil hybrid smartwatch saved me. While I began my week stressed out and busy, I was soon checking off to-do items like a champ. Here’s how the Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch helped.

I Stayed Connected But Remained Focused 

Fossil’s Hybrid Smartwatch connects to your phone and buzzes when certain texts come in using Bluetooth technology. And you can control when you’re notified. I set my watch to only buzz when my spouse texted me. That way, I could ignore any other unimportant notifications.

I was way less distracted by my phone at work. I kept it face down on my desk, so I wouldn’t see a notification from my News app or one of the 13-person group chains I’m a part of. I stopped checking my phone during meetings since I knew I could rely on my watch. I wasn’t distracted by social media midway through checking an email or writing an article.

The best part about this feature is that it’s adaptable. On a day that I needed to get a lot of work done, I turned off all watch notifications, so I wouldn’t be bothered. On the other hand, one day I knew that my mother needed to get in touch with me, so I added her to the “My People” list in the Fossil Q app. For that day only, I immediately knew when she wanted to talk.

I Read All My Emails

I am obsessive with my inbox. I need to keep it clean and organized, with everything labelled and color-coordinated. But when my week is busy, it’s nearly impossible to stay on top of that. And the new responsibilities that were added to my plate came with a bunch more emails to track.


The Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch saved me. On a particularly busy day, I set it up so I was notified on my watch when an email came through. That meant that I could close out of my email tab, and only open it up when my watch vibrated. I was able to focus on writing or editing, and only switch tasks to check my email once my watch told me to do so.

This feature also helped me balance my after-work hours. As soon as Friday, 6pm hit, I would turn off the watch notifications and enjoy myself. That meant that come Monday, I was well-rested and ready to deal with another busy week.

I Prioritized My To-Do List

I write every little thing down, from emails I need to send, to bigger project like articles that need to be written. While useful, it makes it hard to prioritize. The Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch helped with that. The app has a section where you can set and manage your personal goals. For example, I needed to write 500 words a day for an article. Every time I made a dent in that goal, I could just push a button on my phone to log my progress. Once I reached it, I was congratulated via the Fossil app, which was a small but important incentive to achieving that goal.


The watch’s best feature is that it’s completely customizable to my needs and activities. I could set goals for how much water I wanted to drink or how many times a week I wanted to exercise. In doing so, it responded to my needs, and I was able to balance my work and become more efficient.

This post is a sponsored collaboration between Fossil and Studio@Gizmodo.