How many times have you heard an athlete say, "I'm taking it one day at a time"? In pro sports, that phrase is uttered so often it seems that superstars are merely mindless robots programmed by their publicists. But in the struggle against cancer, "one day at a time" isn't a cliché, it's a mantra. Helping cancer patients win the day-to-day challenges they face is where the LIVESTRONG Foundation thrives. Now, the Foundation is offering new ways to fight cancer one day at a time with Cancer Hacks.

What's a Cancer Hack? It's a simple action that makes living with cancer more bearable. There isn't a known cure for cancer yet, but LIVESTRONG's Cancer Hacks help patients and their families combat cancer one day at a time. Like a Sherpa guiding a mountain climber to Everest's peak, LIVESTRONG leads patients through the everyday challenges they’re forced to face.

The fight against cancer can't be won with a single knockout punch; it's an intricate tactical showdown, like a chess match. LIVESTRONG guides patients through the countless obstacles that arise after a diagnosis. As an organization that has always adhered to the practice of providing help now, LIVESTRONG offers crucial support with pressing issues like choosing your health care team, learning how to cope with stress and emotions, developing a support system, and dozens of other challenges. There's no quotidian detail too small to overlook. LIVESTRONG even assists patients understand their lab reports, and deciphering doctor speak so they're aware of their options.

In addition to big-picture issues, LIVESTRONG's Cancer Hacks offer approaches to daily tasks and trials that can make a cancer patient's life better. For example, instead of sending a patient a bouquet of flowers, send him or her a cleaning service for the day. Be sure to track the money spent on transportation, so Uncle Sam can pay you back at tax time. Learn how to practice hormone injections on an orange before attempting it on yourself. These ideas may seem mundane, but they're helping patients hack cancer everyday.

So if you or someone you love is a cancer patient, lean on LIVESTRONG to provide the Cancer Hacks that disrupt cancer's progress. Let LIVESTRONG provide the daily cures that'll help you stare down cancer, one day at a time. Head here to learn more about LIVESTRONG's cancer support services.