Owning art, you might think, is one of those special privileges in life reserved for yacht captains and international jewel thieves. Still, there’s just something about owning an authentic, 3D-printed bust made by a swarm of bees that sounds irresistible. Well, this is your chance to actually have one.

In case you missed it, Dewar’s teamed up with 80,000 honeybees to craft sculptures from beeswax to celebrate their new Highlander Honey, a spirit drink infusing its iconic Dewar's® White Label® Blended Scotch whisky with natural flavors. Called the 3-B Printing Project, it was a delicate process that hinged on the designers coaxing their bees to craft the sculptures as though they were making their hives. The key was the honeycomb. Its hexagonal structure was ideally suited for creating beautiful, intricate, and stable structures.

The first sculpture is a replica of the Highlander Honey bottle. The second is a bust of the Dewar’s Drinking Man, the mascot for anyone who loves a good drink. Want it? All you have to do is head over to Facebook to enter to win the Drinking Man sculpture — complete with your name engraved on the base.

Click here to perfect your growing art collection, and remember to drink Dewar’s Highlander Honey responsibly.