Robert Rodriguez has proven himself prolific in every facet of filmmaking, but his latest endeavor, Project Green Screen in collaboration with BlackBerry, shows he also knows how to play well with others. And by others, we mean you.

See, Robert wanted your help putting the final touches on his short film, Two Scoops, featuring the attractive twin sisters Lola and Lucia — ice-cream scoopers by day and monster-fighting secret agents by night. First, he needed an actor to play their agent — so he asked people to submit their audition videos for the chance to star alongside his bewigged protagonists. Next, because you can't fight monsters with the right mascara and a kind word, Robert invited fans to tweet him imagined weapons that would assist the ladies in their monster-slaying (Mike Bracken showed us the way). And finally, Two Scoops needed its villain, created using whichever medium participants preferred: design, drawing, painting, writing, smoke signals, you name it.

But now that those deadlines have come and gone and the winners have been chosen, it's time to celebrate. Because unlike your ex, Robert Rodriguez isn't all take and no give.

On May 29, he'll be joining us in NYC for a conversation with io9's Meredith Woerner about how he made his new masterpiece come to life...and some drinks, of course.

How do you get in on the good times? Fans will have the chance to win one of nine spots in a Google Hangout with Rodriguez himself. See below for details on how to enter.

How to enter

All you have to do is tweet a question you'd like to ask Robert and a link to this post (grab it here) using the hashtag #projectgreenscreen.

We'll choose the winners based on your tweets, so make them great!

Stephanie Georgopulos is the Entertainment Content Producer for Studio@Gawker.