The multi-talented Robert Rodriguez has been feeling especially innovative these days, going beyond the typical Grindhouse leg-gun and superhero spy-kid flicks to bring you his first crowdsourced film: Two Scoops. The film was a collective effort between Project Green Screen and BlackBerry — and it was produced, shot, edited, and written by Rodriguez himself. But instead of hogging all the credits, he left the final touches in the hands of his fans and the public at large — including io9 readers. And you did not disappoint!

Two Scoops came to us as a short film that would follow twin sisters/ice cream scoopers/secret agents Lola and Lucia as they tried to locate their father — but from there, the details were pretty sparse. The film was missing a key role, a brutal weapon, and most important in any Rodriguez film, a villain. So he turned to you guys for help. First, he looked for an actor to play the twins' agent. Next, Robert invited fans to tweet him imagined weapons that would assist the ladies in their monster-slaying (Mike Bracken set a great example). And finally, Two Scoops needed a villain for the girls to battle.

Difficult decisions were made, but in the end Rodriguez's signature camp and meta-commentary were preserved and a killer short film was born. Plus, we got to throw Rodriguez a premiere party, which you can read about here.

Watch Two Scoops in all its edited glory above, and learn more about Project Green Screen in collaboration with BlackBerry here.

Stephanie Georgopulos is the Entertainment Content Producer for Studio@Gawker.