Here's the Premiere of a New Comedy About Deluded Florida Dreamers

Studio At Gawker for Comedy Central

There’s a new Hollywood on the map — and it’s in Florida. The state best known for alligators and public masturbation (occasionally with stuffed animals) is also the backdrop Executive Producer Ben Stiller’s new series on Comedy Central. Big Time in Hollywood, FL premieres March 25 — but you can watch the first episode right now by clicking the video player below (before it’s gone).

The series follows clueless but committed filmmaking brothers, Ben and Jack Dolfe, as they hatch a disastrous plan to chase their dreams and avoid all adult responsibility. But these delusional heroes have bigger problems than living in a state that boasts some of the most glorious mugshots possibly ever: they’re amateurs and they’re dreamers...and they might be the subjects of a DEA investigation (but isn’t that pretty much a given in Florida?). Sure, we’ve all longed for the fulfillment of reaching autotune pop-star status or hosting viral video tutorials about artfully tweezing your dog’s eyebrows. We’re only human. Eventually most (but sadly, not enough) of us come to the conclusion that some dreams are better left in an unnamed folder on our desktop.


So how do you know when you’ve crossed over from noble creative type in pursuit of “the truth” to deluded wackjob? When is it time to face reality and admit that your artisanal potholders won’t make you millions? Check out the entire first episode of Big Time in Hollywood, FL right now, and share your own stories of following or abandoning your calling in the comments.

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