There’s no shortage of sports-related sex slang: going deep, ball-handling, in the hole ... and then there’s the whole bases thing. But here’s some advice if you ever want to get laid: Don’t mention these innuendos to another human being. They’re sophomoric and a real turn-off. That said, the connection between sex and sports isn’t entirely off-base.

Both are physical activities that involve exertion, at least when done correctly. Serious athletes look to the latest gear to improve their performance on the court, course, and field, so why shouldn’t your bedroom game get a similar upgrade? Enter SHEEX: technologically advanced bedding designed to improve your performance (in bed).

Stay Cool (in Bed)

The body’s ability to produce heat is handy when dealing with things like hypothermia, but it can also turn your bed into a hellacious sauna — especially when you put two people together and add physical activity. Most people don’t want to get it on in a sweat lodge, and it can be difficult to keep your head in the game when you’re teetering on the edge of overheated delirium. Fortunately, SHEEX developed temperature-regulating fabric that actually moves heat away from your body (or bodies, if you’re lucky). Focusing on performance is way easier when you’re comfortable. And can you think of a greater turn-on than sexing in an entire bed that feels like the cool side of the pillow?

Stay Dry (in Bed)

Things can and should get steamy between the sheets. If you’re not raising your heart rate, you may want to reevaluate your technique. There’s no harm in a little sweat, but very few people want to spoon, snooze, or partake in other activities while tangled in sweat-soaked sheets. With SHEEX, you don’t have to tone down the intensity to keep your bedding dry. SHEEX used performance apparel technology to design moisture-wicking sheets that evaporate sweat quickly, so you can go ahead and give it your all, knowing that your SHEEX will stay nice and dry.

Stay Soft (in Bed)

SHEEX do way more than lazy old cotton sheets, but they also deliver on the most important bedding quality: feel. These are absurdly soft sheets. Once you touch them, you’ll understand why these sheets make people ditch the pajamas and test out SHEEX’s more, ahem, advanced capabilities.

Now that you know how upgraded bedding can bring out your best performance, experience SHEEX for yourself by visiting

Lily Butler is an editor at Studio@Gawker.

This post is a sponsored collaboration between SHEEX® and Studio@Gawker.