As 47North proves with their latest releases, science fiction is a subject one can spend way too many hours thinking about. No one knows what our world will look like in two hundred, let alone two thousand years.

But that doesn't mean we can't speculate!

So what do you think the future will look like? Will humans evolve into cancer-immune, super survivors living in a high-tech world like in Christian Cantrell’s new novel, Kingmaker? Or will the universe resemble the one imagined by Jeff Carlson in Interrupt, where solar flares ignite another world war and bring on the next stage of human evolution...or devolution?

Will our economic and military woes create a society like the one envisioned by Marko Kloos in Terms of Enlistment, where humans enter a lottery in the hopes that they’ll be transported to a new utopia? Or will we become the aliens, as described by S.G. Redling in Damocles, a new novel proposing that our exploration of the universe may lead humans to connect with a humanoid species that views us as the extraterrestrial invaders.

Everyone has their own theory about the future of mankind, and now it’s time to share your most imaginative, bizarre, and creative theories. Share your futuristic fantasies in the comments below.

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