Ever have one of those existential breakdowns where, one minute you're subtweeting a celebrity’s new hairstyle and the next, you're wondering what it means to be alive?

Machine and man have been in competition for centuries, but now one machine in particular — the Jaguar — can actually give humans a run for their money. For example, when a Jaguar convertible senses trouble, a rollover protection system deploys behind the seats in 65 milliseconds — two-and-a-half times quicker than the reaction time to the starting pistol in the 100m final in London.

While there's no definitive proof of which is better, this infographic shows that the man vs. machine debate is futile when we could just combine our powers and dominate whoever wants to step up next. (Animals? Plants? Minerals?)

The question of what makes humans alive is one with a number of literal, metaphysical, and hypothetical answers. Yes, humans have things like homeostasis, metabolism, and heartbeats. But do we just think those things make us special because there was no such thing as seventh-place medals when we were growing up? Get behind the wheel of a Jaguar car for that So Alive feeling and find out.