How I Made My Friday Nights So Much Better

Madalyn Mako for FabFitFun

All week long, one question looms large in the minds of the employed: what to do on Friday night? This question is difficult for some, but not for me. Every Friday, I have the perfect plan: Stay in and do my own damn thang.

Sure, I see the allure in going out with my co-workers and knocking back too many happy hour IPAs. But why? Friday is the ideal night to replenish some of the energy I depleted all week being over-scheduled and, frankly, way under-pampered. Friday’s the time to get out that donut onesie (hopefully your dog has a matching one) and settle in for some serious you time. The rest of the week is for the world. Friday is for you.


Prepare Yourself

Getting ready for some “me time.”

The most valuable use of this time is to better yourself. No, I’m not talking about reading — that’s for your morning commute or an afternoon in the park. I mean a “My skin is so radiant you have to shield your eyes from its glow. And I know you want to smell my hair, just don’t be too obvious about it” way that can be accomplished with the help of your perfect night in. The only things you have to read tonight are your woke tea bag tag that’s dangling over the side of your adorably oversized mug and the instructions to a deep conditioning mask, so you will know precisely when your hair reaches its peak level of shine.

Instead of nodding off in the light beer your work husband bought you at happy hour, you can pamper yourself in the swanky spa you create in your own home and then get a rejuvenating night’s sleep behind your silky-soft leather sleep mask in a cloud of aromatherapy and self-affirmations. More importantly, Fridays are the perfect time to do some serious maintenance before Saturday. That sequin mini you’ve been waiting to debut will look much better over dewy, exfoliated legs than over ashy trunks that reek of an endless winter.


Let’s Get Metaphysical

Setting the mood.

Friday is the perfect time to relax not just your body but also your mind. Set your favorite music streaming service to some transcendent relaxing rainfall or ethereal sounds of nature and get your mind right. When you’re spiritually refreshed and your vital inner force is fully recharged, you’ll be beautiful inside and out, which is important when you’re battling the crowds to snag that perfectly stinky gorgonzola at the farmers market on Saturday.

Hone Your Skills

The artist at work.

Maybe you’re already a makeup application expert, but I’m certainly not. Friday is when I like to curl up with a new color palette and a lighted mirror and go to town. My dog will tell me how I look. Really, when is the best time to practice creating a cat eye with the blackest black liquid eyeliner? While rushing to get out the door and meet your friends at Marcy’s birthday dinner so you can show off eyelids made red and puffy by multiple failed attempts? No. It’s when you’re in for the night and also have a gentle calming face wash to put to the test. It’s right before you step into a tub effervescing with sparkle bath bomb that makes you feel like a unicorn is booping you with its magical petal-soft snoot.

Have it All

There’s so much stuff in this little box.

It would be really great if I wrapped up this thing by revealing the secrets of the universe, but I’m not that deep. I can tell you that FabFitFun is the key to creating my very own luxurious oasis that leaves me with enough scratch to enjoy a couple of boozy drinks with my dinner. Their seasonal subscription box delivers $200+ of full-sized beauty and skincare products, accessories, and fashion and fitness goodies that will make your Friday-spa-night-in an effortless part of your regular self-care routine. Even better, you can use coupon code GOODTIMES to get $10 off your first box, for a total of just $39.99. Now that’s beautiful.

Maddy Mako is a subscription addict and a fan of staying in and going out with her dog who has her own Instagram account because Maddy loves her dog the appropriate amount and not too much at all. Other things Maddy loves and hates and to what levels are enumerated on Twitter.


This post is a sponsored collaboration between FabFitFun and Studio@Gizmodo.

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