All the creatures of the nightlife were out on June 4 at Brooklyn’s Kinfolk for the nudest fashion show Studio@Gawker has ever thrown. The June 4 party — heralding the second season premiere of Skin Wars, GSN’s mind-blowing body painting competition hosted by Rupaul — attracted drag queens, media chatterboxes, and a crowd of oglers eager to see what a fashion show looks like when you subtract the fabric.

After much speculation about where, exactly, the models would be working their walk, the crush of revelers parted when a runway materialized from out of nowhere, and a series of otherworldly creatures clad in nothing but thongs, headdresses, and some serious of body paint began to strut through the room.

“Is that Comme des Garçons?” a frequent front row-dweller was overheard to whisper as the final look — created by first-season Skin Wars winner Natalie Fletcher — passed by. In fairness, he may simply have been referring to his companion’s cologne, but the point remained: this was high fashion at its barest.

For those who weren’t able to be there — and those looking simply to relive the debauchery — check out the above video of the night’s action, along with a gallery of the naked highlights. Once you’ve had your appetite for spray-on couture whetted, find GSN on your TV, then tune in tonight for the latest episode of Skin Wars.

Photo credits: Gerard Garvey / The Self Portrait Project.

Video credit: Ian Moubayed.

This post is a sponsored collaboration between GSN and Studio@Gawker.