Cars are big. And if you want to work on them, they need a ton of space. But that’s easier said than done. Sure, you may want to give your car a decent place to call its own and a roof over its head, but the pitifully low square footage of your garage is holding you back.

It’s time to get smart about your space. The below hacks and tools will help you maximize every inch of your garage, giving you the elbow room you need to really get under the hood.

  1. First things first: Dedicate one spot for your tools, so they’re not scattered around your garage and you’re left tripping over a wrench. Hand tools take up far less space when they’re hung along the walls. Mount a pegboard to the wall and add hooks of various sizes for hammers, tape measure, pliers, and the like.

  1. Once your tools are out of the way, you’ll want to get some ready-made shelves to hold the tools you can’t hang up. Affix shelves high on your garage walls, then you can utilize the floor space underneath for bigger tools.
  1. Multiple toolboxes just take up room. The Husky 65-piece Mechanics Tool Set comes with an arsenal of tools packed into an economical package, so you can take on any task without wasting precious work space. This high-caliber kit comes with a ⅜-inch teardrop ratchet, 39 sockets, an extension bar, an adapter, a magnetic bit holder, 10 screwdriver bits, and 12 nut-driver bits. As with all Husky hand tools, it comes with a lifetime warranty.
  1. A ratchet is an essential part of any garage toolkit, so don’t skip it. The Husky 100 Position Gimbal Ratchet is lightweight, and its 100-tooth design allows for multidirectional operation. It can even engage fasteners with as little as 3.6-degree rotation, giving you easy access to tight spots in close quarters.
  1. Reduce clutter by storing your tools when you’re not using them. The Husky 52-inch 10-Drawer Mobile Workbench comes with lockable casters, so it can roll under your high-mounted wall shelves, creating a workspace when and where you need it. Meanwhile, its drawers can neatly store your growing collection of tools.

You don’t need to let your small space hold you back from getting the garage of your dreams. Even just having a dedicated project space for tinkering with your car will make you feel better equipped to get things done. And Home Depot Husky Tools will save you from working among clutter and mess.

This post is a sponsored collaboration between Home Depot Husky Tools and Studio@Gawker.