I Took The Altered Carbon Quiz To Find Out What My Sleeve’s Been Through

Giaco Furino for Altered Carbon
Illustration By Josh Lees

In the futuristic world of Altered Carbon, streaming now on Netflix, everything that makes you you sits in a device called “the stack.” All your memories, personality, and the quirks that make you unique are stored there indefinitely, and for the right price you can replace your body (or “sleeve”). For someone like me — who constantly checks in on the health of his grandparents and orders DNA kits to make sure he doesn’t have any lurking genetic markers for disease — this future sounds like a dream.

I took this new Altered Carbon quiz to get a full report on the history of my sleeve and find out my BodyFax report. By learning what my sleeve has been through in the past, I could figure out whether I’m sitting pretty, or should start looking for my next replacement sleeve ASAP. The questions weren’t that wild: How much do I smoke or drink each week? Well, no one really keeps track of things like that, right? Next question! How in control of my body do I feel? Plenty in control (he says as he spills his coffee all over himself).


As I worked my way toward my final BodyFax report I began to sweat. But when I learned the history of my sleeve, I was shocked. I’m a lean, mean, cutthroat “Tech Ninja” fighting machine, kitted out with a reinforced chassis, speed combat, and more. This explains why I never get food poisoning even though everyone else at the hot dog stand has already run for the bathroom (it must be my “culture-grown marrow alloy”).

Give the quiz above a spin and see if you can fight alongside Techno-Giaco, or are better suited to a life of minimal movement and low-risk scenarios. And to fully dive into this futuristic mystery, check out Netflix’s Altered Carbon, streaming now.

Giaco Furino is a senior writer for Studio@Gizmodo.

This post is a sponsored collaboration between Altered Carbon and Studio@Gizmodo.

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