If you can look beyond the selfie, which is admittedly not the easiest thing to do, there are countless special moments waiting to be captured with the click of a shutter. From a seagull's graceful flight at sunset to a son's beaming smile, the world is truly a photogenic oyster.

Over the last couple of months, Samsung invited photographers of all stripes to share their most meaningful photos with the hashtag #mattersmostNX in the "What Matters Most" campaign, and the result is a photographic smorgasbord of friends and families, exotic vistas and mugging pets. While the campaign may be over, you can continue the journey for memorable snaps with these handy tips from award-winning Magnum photographer Alex Webb and the 11 ridiculously talented photographers hand-picked by Samsung to keep us all inspired.

Look For The Unexpected

Image by Simone Bramante

"I try to keep my mind open and work as intuitively as possible," Webb says. "Sometimes a particular note of color, a shaft of light, an unexpected gesture, or an odd juxtaposition suddenly reveals a photograph."

Even the most well-trod locations can lead to a gold mine of photo ops if you keep your eyes and mind open. Heck, Times Square might be the most-photographed place in the US, but Webb says he continues to go there over the years to see how it reinvents itself. So take a good look at the places that might seem familiar to you. Pay special attention to the details in the lighting, the people and the activity and chances are you'll see a photograph emerge.

Get Lost (In Nature)

Image by Elena Kalis

According to Elena Kalis (@elenakalis), "Being near water matters most to me." And after seeing her stunning underwater photos, you'll want to take a dip with your (carefully protected) camera as well.

Image by Kyle Kuiper

But you can just as easily stay dry and follow Kyle Kuiper's (@kdkuiper) path into the woods. "Waking up early and chasing down those first rays of light is one of my favorite things to do," he says. Whether you choose to visit the ocean like Altug Galip (@kyrenian) or venture into the woods like Ali Jardine (@alijardine), there are countless vistas to marvel over and capture.

Set Your Watch For An Adventure Time

Image by Louis Cole

Sometimes the best plan for capturing an unforgettable moment is to have no plan at all. If you're Louis Cole (@funforlouis) that could mean wandering the world in search of new faces and places, while Theron Humphrey (@thiswildidea) says, "More often than not I'd rather buy a tire and do huge burnouts with friends." Halno (@Halno), meanwhile, flies wherever his broomstick takes him, and Simone Bramante (@brahmino) goes wherever he can play with his friends, especially if there's a desert sunset at the end of the trip.

Get Up In That Family Grill

Image by Chris Ozer

But when it comes down to it, aiming your lens at family and friends is almost always a guaranteed path to a treasured photo. "Hanging out with my little girl matters most to me," says Mike Kus (@mikekus). And that's a sentiment worth following whether it's spending a rainy day with the family as Dave Engledow (@wbfather) recommends, or capturing "the goofy moments" with the kids as Chris Ozer (@chrisozer) does.


Now consider yourself primed and ready for finding a lifetime of memorable photos. Keep using the hashtag #mattersmostNX to share your discoveries and follow along to see what matters most to other photographers around the world.

Matt Marquez is a former editor at MilkMade.com, and is now a contributing writer to Jay-Z's @LifeandTimes and other outlets.

This post is part of a sponsored collaboration between Samsung and Studio@Gawker.