Meet-Cute or Meet-Weird? Discuss Your Most Unconventional Meetings

Zinzi Edmundson for FYI Network

What with sleight-of-hand profile photos, wacky dating site premises, and alcohol, humans have many tricks up their sleeves when it comes to getting people to date and eventually love them. But what about that old white whale of romance, love at first sight? Are there any trustworthy first-hand accounts? Has anyone ever actually witnessed it in the wild?

We've all been in this scenario at one point or another: you're in a crowded location — say, an airport — and you see someone who piques your interest. Not only are they extremely attractive, but, you know, they seem really interesting too. And of all the flights going out that day, they're on yours. So you wonder what would happen if you worked up the confidence to say hello. Well, we know a guy who did just that, sending notes to his now-girlfriend through a (very patient, kindhearted and not-at-all eye-rolly) flight attendant.


Or say there are two people at the opening night of a hyped-up movie. The theater is jam-packed and there's only one seat open (people draping their jackets every which way, I mean come on). They see each other, dart for the seat and there you have it: love. Or maybe it's a wave and two surfers, vying for that hang ten. He's a total kook who drops in on her wave (actually a pretty dangerous move and not recommended, even for love). Strong words are had, and the score needs to be settled over pressed juice nearby. Bam! Love and nutrients.

Sound familiar? Get ready for the social experiment that will make the Captain Ahab of fortuitous meeting proud. FYI Network is putting the idea to the test with Married at First Sight, a show wherein six participants get legally married on the day they meet, the moment they meet. YES! It's insane, it's hilarious, it just might work — it's great television. But there are weirder ways to fall in love — we're almost certain — so head to the comments and spill.

Did your neighbors meet while on brass-polishing detail at an antique bugle show? Did your cousin and his wife bond over a shared love of fly-fishing while hiding from a bear in a tree on a family camping trip? We want to know about it — tell us in the comments, won't you?

Watch the premiere of Married at First Sight on Tuesday, July 8 at 9p ET/10p PT on FYI Network.

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