Brandon Calvillo is an affable bro with a legion of followers across Vine, Instagram, and Twitter that, combined, rivals the population of New York City. On Vine, Calvillo’s forte is sharp visual or verbal gags, the timing honed perfectly, in what has become a familiar Millennial update of how a standup comedian (whose medium might now be described as “old-school”) delicately arranges each word in a punchline for maximum impact.

I spoke with Brandon Calvillo about his work on Instagram, in which he portrays himself as goofy, genuine, and occasionally, hungry for dogs.

“We have too many dogs, for sure. Walter, Rampage, Tess, Ronda, Smalls, Charlie, Misha. It’s definitely a psychological problem. They’re pretty much all my mom’s now, because we all had to leave the house and grow up. But I take a photo with them now and again, so I feel like I do my part.”

“I think the reason why I take the photos with the dogs is that I usually make the dogs very uncomfortable. I didn’t know you could do that with dogs. I know you can make people uncomfortable, but my awkwardness is transcending human beings. You can see it in their faces. I’m making animals uncomfortable. I didn’t even know that was a possibility.”

“I think that everyone on Instagram and social media shows their best side, and that’s not what life is. Obviously there’s happy moments, but there’s moments of self-doubt and self-deprecation, and I want to show that because, to me, that’s funnier than the happy moments. Everyone’s always smiling in their photos, and I never smile, but I want to give it a funny reason in the caption.”

Brandon Calvillo is a true original. In partnership with Miller Lite, the original light beer, we raised a toast to Brandon, and asked him to create an original Instagram post just for us, showcasing his unique take on social media.

Tony Carnevale is a senior writer for Studio@Gawker.

This post is a sponsored collaboration between Miller Lite and Studio@Gawker.