Nicholas Megalis is a whirlwind of activity. When I spoke to him, he talked a mile a minute, expounding on creativity, art, and anxiety. In a half-hour, he said at least three times that he’s Greek, as a sort of apology, which had me racking my brain for Greek stereotypes I must not be aware of.

Turns out the stereotype is “Greek people talk a lot.” In Nicholas’ case, that’s not a bad thing. His creative output overflows every vessel he’s tried pouring it into. Vine, Instagram, even the decidedly retro medium called “books” (the 2015 memoir Mega Weird, in collaboration with his artist father, Tom Megalis). Nicholas is an artist in constant movement, always working on something, and planning the thing he’s going to work on next.

“I’m turning 27 in a couple weeks and, as I look back, I realize that my whole life I’ve always kind of been doing the same thing, which is making stuff in my dad’s dirty art studio, covered in paint, projecting video onto myself, cutting into boards, making magazines, videos, songs. I love making things so much, that’s the way I’ve interpreted my existence. Social media was a no-brainer.”

“I can get up and paint and everything else goes away for 45 minutes. How great is that? That’s like having a key to the Holy Grail of secrets. That’s it, right there. Just reaction. It’s beautiful.”

“I like [music] that I’ve recorded in my pantry more than things I’ve recorded with a $10,000 microphone. Some of the greatest things in history were made with leftover shit. ‘Guernica’ was painted with expired house paint. I see all these kids with all this gear, and I’m like, great, you bought the stuff! Now all you need is an idea.”

Nicholas Megalis is a true original. In partnership with Miller Lite, the original light beer, we raised a toast to Nicholas, and asked him to create an original Instagram post just for us, showcasing his unique take on social media.

Tony Carnevale is a senior writer for Studio@Gawker.

This post is a sponsored collaboration between Miller Lite and Studio@Gawker.