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If you work a desk job, you’re probably familiar with the Sunday-evening dread of an approaching work week. It’s that special time when you get to look forward to 40+ hours of various office pains, from getting stuck in boring meetings, to dealing with incompetent coworkers, to expending all your energy keeping some approximation of a smile on your face.

Because we sympathize with the many struggles of office life — and because we’re lucky enough that our jobs allow for such shenanigans — we made some memes to capture work at its worst... as told by animals, of course. (May these innocent creatures never know the toils of office labor.)

Se Re / CC BY-SA 2.0

Honestly, memes are the best way to express our feelings about work without full-on rioting. Of course, you can also opt to act like a mature, responsible adult and deal with work struggles by mitigating the actual problems at hand. revolutionizes workplace communication with free screen sharing, unlimited audio, and simple video conferencing, no registration required. AKA one fewer reason to look like any of our poor, miserable animal buddies above.

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