With the app-ification of everything from herbal refreshment to helicopters, your once absurd-sounding business venture might actually be the next big money suck for investors to drool over. But first things first: before you start daydreaming of your IPO, you'll need to find an unspoken-for domain name for your lucrative new idea.

Fortunately, Hover can find you a domain name that goes beyond the dot com (because frankly, that's so 1999). Here are a few fictional ventures to inspire your domain hunt.


Mom visiting soon? She'll probably expect that you've elevated your lifestyle game past that of a college freshman. Make sure all your drug paraphernalia, dirty dishes, and dying houseplants aren't the first things to greet her when she walks into your humble abode. Mom.haus is more than a cleaning service, adding the touches a mom looks for in their grown-ass child's home: fresh bedding, extraneous cleaning supplies, and more than one roll of toilet paper.


It happens to the best of us. You're deep in a hyped-up crowd during an outdoor music festival or taking out-of-towners on an urban hike, when that last pitcher of beer is suddenly weighing heavily on your bladder. You search frantically for a place to relieve yourself, but that porta-potty is a portal to sensorial hell. Pee.zone is an app that helps you locate the closest, most desirable restroom so you aren't squatting somewhere in shame.


Forget the snowpocalypse, there are killer robots on the rise and the CDC is totally preparing for a zombie takeover. You do not want to be left behind. Apocalypse.camp is a site where you can sign up for your own completely secure bunk at this remote summer-camp-meets-wartime-bunker. This safe haven will ensure that nothing is going to eat your brains.


We've all been there: the moment that you open your eyes after a night of partying and you feel as though your body is steeping in alcohol. You should definitely not face the world looking like a hot, boozy mess. Hangover.pro saves you the post-party walk of shame by delivering you everything you need to cure your woes from a the junk food of your choice to pain killers to a vat of coconut water.


We know it was twenty years ago, but Mr. Waffles was the only person you could talk to when you really needed somebody in middle school. Ah, how he'd affectionately bite your finger...and oh, the inspiring way he'd take to that little plastic wheel...sigh. Since he passed you've just felt so empty, so alone. Now there's a social network where you can swap stories with other hamster lovers who haven't quite been able to let go.

We're not kidding — all of these, well, niche startups could actually exist, and their domains are available on Hover, along with over 300 other domain extensions to make your imagination run wild. Whether your dream is to streamline opportunities for kitten interaction or create a geolocation tool to find the closest dollar slice of pizza, you can beef up your brand identity with a Hover URL. Got a sort of good idea or a mildly bad idea for a startup? Share it in the comments, then snatch up a domain name at Hover — whether it's totally weird or a legitimately great idea.

Kristina Loring is an independent radio producer, writer, and digital strategist living in San Francisco. She loves exploring the hidden design in cities and riding a bicycle away from tech epicenters toward the sea.

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Illustrations by Ramóna Udvardi