You have opinions. We know, because we see them everywhere. They're on Twitter, they're on Kinja, they're spreading across the net like an irrepressible virus (but like, a good virus).

We're not judging. We actually think it's awesome that the Gawker Media Group has attracted some of the most passionate, opinionated readers on the internet. Which is why we'd like to invite you to share your thoughts with us in an online, two-week focus group.

This focus group will give you a chance to provide us with valuable insight into how you interact with our sites. Essentially, we want your feedback so we can improve your reader experience. And in exchange, we'll give readers who participate for the full two weeks $55, because that's how focus groups work. Thoughts = money. Win-win, right?

But first! You'll have to take a screener to make sure you qualify for this online community (just like you, we have standards). If you're interested in participating, fill out the preliminary survey and we'll be in touch with details.