Creating useful, beautiful things out of not-so-exciting materials is incredibly rewarding. So what's your favorite Lifehacker DIY project? A stylish lamp made from old photo negatives? A rustic wine display crafted from an old pallet? The Home Depot has issued a "Call to Hacktion" with Lifehackers in mind, so prepare to dazzle the Internet with your most genius hacks and imaginative DIY projects.

Contributing to the already flourishing Home Depot universe (check out their impressive tumblr here — prepare to be inspired) is simple: just share your project idea on Twitter using the #HDHacks hashtag. If you need even more inspiration, you can always review the inventive DIY creations from the Lifehacker archives.

Here are two simple, inventive projects that have already been submitted:

An easy-to-construct floating basketball hoop made out of fish net, PEX tubing, cable ties, and a noodle. Have a dunking contest in your pool or play a game of H-O-R-S-E.

Take a classic indoor game to the great outdoors with this huge version of Kerplunk. Get some bamboo stakes, colorful play balls, and a Homer bucket to get started.

Are your hacking juices flowing yet? Good! Join your fellow DIY enthusiasts — grab some power tools, a lamp, and some vintage album covers, and get your hack on. And remember, if you tweet your brilliant submissions using the hashtag #HDHacks, Home Depot may make your idea a reality.