Sunset Overdrive Is Ready for the Apocalypse. Are You?

Are you the type who spends your Saturday afternoons standing in the park wearing a sandwich board proclaiming the glorious conflagration that's just around the corner? Is your fallout shelter stocked with a ten-year supply of nutritional bars, bottled water, and triple-ply toilet paper? Or maybe the words "incoming meteor" mean only one thing to you: ORGY! We get it. The apocalypse is your idea of a good time.

Yes, you're a wild-eyed lunatic — you knew that already — but at least you're not alone: the creators of Sunset Overdrive for Xbox One take their apocalyptic visions just as seriously as you do, and are completely committed to making the end of the world as much fun as possible. As you can see from this live action behind-the-scenes preview video, they're not skimping on the mayhem when it comes to making their apocalyptic visions a reality, even if it means a few deaths, lost limbs, and mangled stuffed animals along the way.


Sunset Overdrive isn't your little sister's apocalypse. It dispenses with mopey love triangles, brooding antiheroes with hearts of very sensitive gold, and ho-hum dystopian governments in favor of all the stuff that will make the End Times a (literal) blast: explosions, more explosions, and the chance to do your worst to an endless horde of meatheads whose sinister addiction to energy drinks has finally brought out the inner killer mutants that were dwelling within them all along.

Yes, the end is nigh, but Sunset Overdrive is (hopefully) nigh-er — it comes out on October 28, and unless Quetzalcoatl is operating on a really weird schedule, we should all be around by then. Go ahead and pre-order it now, watch the preview, then strap your favorite teddy bear with dynamite and rest easy in the knowledge that when Judgment Day does come, you'll be safely tucked away in your impregnable bomb shelter, happily ensconced with your Xbox One. We know: you tried to warn us.

This post is a sponsored collaboration between Sunset Overdrive and Studio@Gawker.

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