Spike Feresten Has Some Advice To Help You (Yes, You) Find A Car

Famed comedy writer and devoted gearhead Spike Feresten is back. As host of Esquire Network’s Car Matchmaker, he puts his knowledge to good use by getting to know prospective car buyers and helping them find their perfect vehicle. The show premieres on June 22 at 9|8 Central, and now you, too, can take advantage of…

"How Do I Stop Saying 'Um'?" and Other FAQs About Presentations

Anyone who wants to be successful needs to learn how to present. It doesn't matter if you're sharing information online using software like join.me or if you're speaking to a large crowd — you should always feel confident and prepared. Of course, that's easier said than done. If you were captain of the debate team you…

Want to Feel Like a Giant? Climb Into the World's Largest Model Train

If only humans weren't so big. When I was on set at Northlandz to go behind the scenes of Sony's Separate Together experiments, I kept wishing I could climb into Bruce Zaccagnino's enormous yet tiny model train landscape and walk around it like one of the tiny figurines that make up the tableaux.

Let Wild Turkey's Master Distiller School You In All Things Bourbon

For over 60 years, master distiller Jimmy Russell has been making Wild Turkey bourbon. Every day, he goes to the same distillery and uses the same recipe he always has to produce the brown spirit, keeping the Kentucky tradition alive. He’s seen it all — changing trends in distilling, changing markets, changing tastes.

What Does an MLG Champion Think About The Gaming in Ender's Game?

Between the training sequences and, perhaps most importantly, the Mind Games, Ender's Game takes gaming and turns it into training for real-life battle. While professional gamers may not be training to save the human race from destruction, they are certainly playing with high-stakes. But how does the sci-fi depiction…