Watch The King Of Monsters Stomp On The Future In Netflix’s New Godzilla Trailer

Check out the above trailer for Netflix’s new Godzilla, streaming now, which marks the big lizard’s 32nd feature film appearance and (amazingly) the first animated film in the franchise. Set far into the future, Godzilla tells the story of a group of desperate refugees who travel back to Earth to try and recolonize…

Meet the Superstar Twitch Streamer Who Breathes Deep to Stay Up Late

When Adam aka ‘Ellohime’ first stumbled into streaming, he didn’t know it could be a source of money, let alone a full-time job. Now, over 387,000 followers later, he’s in the upper echelon of streamers (the top 0.008%, to be exact). His entire career has been built out of long streams of a variety of games.

Meet the Twitch Streamer Who Marathons Roguelikes and RPGs for Charity

Nothing challenges the body and mind of a streamer like the 24-hour stream, a true feat of endurance. In this installment of our Meet the Marathon Streamers series, we’re getting safety tips and advice from Kiratze, a streamer with a background in health and fitness who focuses on playing story-based games.