Devious Maids Is the Telenovela for Our Times

To be honest, Devious Maids is not the most accurate title for this series. Distractingly Glam and Slightly Horny Maids was probably too lengthy and Murder, Maids Wrote too awkwardly phrased. But when it comes to deviousness, the titular help have nothing on the wealthy sociopaths who sign their paychecks. Knifings,…

Blood! Glass! Fluids! Notes on Cleaning Up a Hot Mess

Ah, spring cleaning — that joyous time you spend identifying which Tupperware smells like the eleventh deadly plague, rescuing the 2.5 hair-doll children you birthed in the last year from your shower drain, and sweeping up the Hansel and Gretel trail of cat litter sprinkled around the apartment.