With so many “creative types” packing up their student debt and booking a one-way ticket to Williamsburg, it’s difficult to stand out in New York City. You need an original approach before anyone will give you a second look — that, a serious outfit, and a go-to camera face. Not to mention a go-to camera.

NYC-based fashionista Bryanboy checks off all of these boxes and then some. He’s been blogging about high style and pop culture for nine years, and his archives are a testament that he’s always up on all things current — whether he’s writing about the Mawazine Music Festival in Morocco or photographing a pop-up art installation. We cut him loose with a Canon PowerShot N camera and asked him to show us the places he finds most inspiring in New York.

Bryanboy’s selfie spree started at South Street Seaport (that’s the closest he ever gets to Brooklyn, he’s allergic, y’all). He also visited FiveStory NY, a townhouse-turned-boutique in the Upper East Side, and Pier 45, where a pop-up art installation of an “underwater volcano” gave Bryanboy the perfect backdrop for a photo — and showed us the perks of being prepared for the unexpected. You just never know when the opportunity to shoot your next Facebook default picture will arise.

Of course, taking the perfect photo means zilch if you aren’t connected to the Internet — and for someone like Bryanboy, it isn't enough to upload quality photos when he finally makes it home to his computer. Sharing as he goes keeps his readers engaged and informed on what's happening right now. That used to mean sacrificing quality for accessibility, but the PowerShot N camera is wireless-enabled, i.e., equipped to instantly handle all your oversharing needs. Plus, it goes with any outfit.

Bryanboy is always camera-ready — are you? The Canon PowerShot N camera is innovative, versatile, and as stylish as its owners. Scroll down for a more detailed look at Bryan's journey or find your own inspiring moments worth capturing with the PowerShot N camera.

Gawker HQ, SoHo. Photo by Bryanboy.

Pumphouse Park, Battery Park. Photo by Bryanboy.

South Street Seaport, Financial District. Photo by Bryanboy.

Fivestory NY, Upper East Side. Photo by Futuristic Films.

The High Line, Chelsea. Photo by Futuristic Films.

Pier 45, Hudson River Park. Photo by Futuristic Films.