The Clean-As-You-Go Guide to Holiday Crafting

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Buy decorations? You? Heavens, no! You’ve got two hands, five cubic tons of glitter, an Etsy-inspired imagination, and enough yarn to keep the cat amused from now until next Tuesday. Haters may say that you’re no Martha, but when it comes to holiday crafting your enthusiasm knows no hand-stamped borders.

There’s only one casualty of your holiday craft-thusiasm: your apartment. (Case in point: You’re still finding sprinkles from 2014’s life-sized gingerbread cottage in your carpet.) But this year, with a little help from the Dyson V6 Absolute and its powerful suck-everything-from-everywhere force, you can have your eggnog and drink it, too (out of hand-painted mugs, of course). Read on for a complete and painless guide to keeping your pad spotless — and party-ready — without compromising your DIY spirit.


Inspiration Board

When you’re preparing to craft, nothing can stand between you and your Pinterest boards — but there’s a whole lot more you can do before diving head first into a pile of cotton-ball snowmen. Add these steps to your pre-creation routine to make the entire process (including the cleanup) about a zillion times more pleasant.

Create a “Safe Space”

Designate a crafting area that’s well away from where you eat, sleep, or knock boots (because there are some places that glitter definitely shouldn’t go). Line all surfaces with a double layer of newspaper or, if you’re super fancy, a professional drop cloth. Your floors will thank you.


Gather the Troops


Assemble all crafting materials ahead of time. Projects that can’t be completed in one sitting have a tendency to sit around for days… or weeks… or decades, taking up valuable apartment space while you put off finishing them in favor of watching Elf for the 45th time.

Duck and Cover

Isn’t it funny how the messiest crafting materials come in bags or jars that are impossible to open, and explode once you finally get the upper hand? Well, funny probably isn’t the right word for it — but you can avoid these situations by keeping lidded plastic containers or sealable bags at the ready. If you’re hoping for some Pinterest fame, you can even bust out a label maker (don’t pretend you don’t have one) and put a neat little name on each one.


Do Your Homework

Read the manuals that come with your crafting implements, and make sure you actually know how to use them. A 1 a.m. visit to the emergency room with third-degree glue-gun burns is not how you want to spend your holiday.



When you’re in the thick of the crafting action, it can be hard to think about anything other than how amazing those hand-dyed candy canes are going to look hanging from your mantle. But keeping these clean-as-you-go tips in mind while in a glitter-induced fervor will make things a whole lot easier once the DIY blinders come off.


When the Cat’s Away…

Keep cats, dogs, kids, clumsy roommates, or anyone likely to spread chaos away from crafting projects. Glittery paw-prints may look adorable on your handmade holiday cards, but they’re way less charming on your leather couch.


Attachments at the Ready


No matter how careful you are, things are bound to spill or leak when you’re getting your craft on. Instead of letting little messes pile up into a giant big mess, take care of any small messes in the moment with your Dyson V6 Absolute handheld attachment. The light and powerful device will suck up glitter spills in seconds — and, since it’s cordless, you’ll never even have to unplug your glue gun.

Take Five

Remember that time you stayed up till 5 a.m. finishing your gingerbread mansion, and woke up with gumdrops frosted to your own forehead? Don’t let that happen again. Take breaks, get up, walk around, and remember that there’s a whole world outside your living room. A well-rested crafter is a crafty crafter!


After the Craft


Hooray, you’re done! Or are you? The DIY party doesn’t stop when you attach the last googly eye to the final driftwood reindeer. But if you’ve followed these tips, you should be pretty darn close to falling into a blissful craft coma in a tidy apartment. Here’s how to bring it home.

So Baller

If you have any contractor or garbage bags left over from recent holiday hosting endeavors, this is their time to shine. Take the bags over to your crafting area, carefully ball up the newspaper carpet you created for yourself, and bag the whole shebang. Do not attempt to carry glitter-covered newspaper halfway across your apartment to your trash bin. That’s how you end up with Liberace-styled cats.


Floor It

Once all of your projects are wrapped and any leftover materials are stored away, go over your entire crafting area (and, uh, maybe the rest of your apartment while you’re at it) with your Dyson V6 Absolute. Use the handheld with the crevice tool attachment to clean between couch cushions, and get all up in those nooks and crannies. Even the most observant in-laws won’t be able to comment on your crafting carnage.


With this guide and your Dyson V6 Absolute, you’ll be free to go all out with your crafty self — without the impending doom of a massive, glittery mess. Speaking of, what are your favorite holiday DIY projects? Share your Pinterest-worthy creations with fellow crafters in the comments.

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