Ever since the 16-bit halcyon days of 1995, E3 has been the place for game companies to descend like locusts onto the Los Angeles Convention Center and show off their most mind-blowing pixels and polygons. It’s the kind of event you drown yourself in blog coverage for, foaming at the mouth for the best graphics, best stories, and biggest releases of the coming year.

2013 will be no different, especially with the industry changing so much and so quickly. All the groundbreaking gaming tech of the day will be in one place for three days this June, ready to drool over (well, you’re gonna wanna clean yourself up around the electronics). Sony and Microsoft are preparing massive showings for the PS4 and the Next Xbox, respectively, marking a truly new generation for home entertainment. Meanwhile, Nintendo is holding a number of special targeted events, so expect some surprises. (Super Smash Bros., anyone?) And that’s only the beginning. More than 100 indie and industry game developers will show their gaming wares for PCs, consoles, mobile, and the web.

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