The Results Are In: Meet Your Facial Hair Face-Off Champion

The votes have been counted, and one contender has been crowned your beardo hero. Without any further ado, the Facial Hair Face-Off champion is…

Aaron Leff!


All eight of our competitors showcased impressive talent throughout all three rounds. It’s safe to say they’ve inspired countless fuzzy faces with their elite beardliness. But there can only be one champion, and it was Aaron Leff who emerged victorious with a whopping 10,754 of the 19,314 votes cast in the final round.

What a journey it’s been for Aaron’s triumphant facial hair. Already a respected face in the competitive beard and moustache community, this burly beard will be heading to Brooklyn for the National Beard and Moustache Championships in November. Mr. Leff’s ferocious facial hair has made its mark on our hearts and minds; one can only guess what the future holds for this bearded beacon of hope.

Even in the heat of the competition, Aaron remained calm and cool. Was it his zen-like connection to each and every one of his hair follicles? Perhaps. But he also had Hanes X-Temp™ technology to keep him cool and comfortable instead of hot and hairy.


Are you inspired by Aaron and his fellow competitors’ hairy pride, but feel restricted by a thick layer of hair that covers most of your body and feels like a sauna suit? Meet your new best friend, Hanes X-Temp™ technology. It evaporates sweat quickly to keep even the hairiest among us cool and comfortable in t-shirts, underwear, and socks with Hanes X-Temp™ technology. Now you can go on with your furry self and get weird with your beard even when the heat is on.

Lily Butler is an editor at Studio@Gawker.

This post is a sponsored collaboration between Hanes and Studio@Gawker.

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