Midweek parties are nothing special in New York City — except when Robert Rodriguez shows up. Then they're freaking magical.

Rodriguez fans and friends gathered at Openhouse Gallery in SoHo Wednesday night to celebrate and watch the premiere of Two Scoops — the crowdsourced film Rodriguez shot as part of Project Green Screen in collaboration with BlackBerry (check out a recap of the film's progress here).

The scene on at Openhouse was straight out of a Rodriguez flick specifically Two Scoops. Staffed "extras" worked the room wearing multicolor wigs in the style of the film's protagonists, twin sisters Lola and Lucia; while guests feasted on ice cream from Coolhaus, tacos from Tacombi, and hot dogs from Bark. Once everyone was sufficiently sauced, the crowd sat on tiny green wicker chairs to watch the 11-minute film in all its edited glory. The screening reassured Rodriguez fans that, even when the director/producer/writer/editor doesn't have 100% creative control, his signature camp and meta-commentary will always manage to shine through.

After the screening, io9's Meredith Woerner hosted a 25-minute Q&A with Rodriguez, who answered questions (and follow-up questions) like a champ. Then, the guest of honor visited the Gawker Media HQ to Google Hang with the winners of Gizmodo's #projectgreenscreen contest. And finally, the event ended with a good ol' fashioned office nightcap, where everyone decompressed and drank some much-deserved Champagne.

Did your greatest FOMO fears just come true? Shhh. It's OK. You can watch Two Scoops in its entirety here. And below, you can check out pictures from the event. It's almost like you were there!

Girls in Lola- and Lucia-inspired wigs pose with guests on the green carpet.

A bird's-eye view of the screening room.

We need more parties that make staring at smartphones in public socially acceptable.

Bonding over the BlackBerry Z10.

The big reveal.

io9's Meredith Woerner was a wonderful Q&A host.

Go figure: Robert Rodriguez gets passionate while talking about filmmaking.

These are the kind of photo-ops best followed by a giddy call to Mom.

Party guests Cody Brown and Lindsey Gardner.

RR coolin' out with an ice cream sandwich from Coolhaus.

The view from Mulberry Street.

Gawker Media superstars James Del, Samantha Ortega, and Andrew Gorenstein pose with Robert Rodriguez at Gawker Media HQ.

Even Robert Rodriguez could not resist this chair. Can you blame him?

All photographs courtesy of Andrew Kelly.

Stephanie Georgopulos is the Entertainment Content Producer for Studio@Gawker.