As a nation that loves the NFL, reality TV and general excess, it's no surprise that we like to drink too. In fact, most Americans drink far more than they'll admit to, and an estimated 1 in 6 adult Americans* is classified as a binge drinker.

See the blurry picture above.

But the biggest lushes of them all are millennials. As we wrote last year, Gen Y is becoming synonymous with Gen Wine, with a reported 28% of 21-26 year olds drinking wine daily*.

But unlike the generations before them, millennials are open to drinking wine anytime, anywhere (and out of anything). Take a look: They're also more than happy to #Overshare. From a survey of 100 millennials, we received the following admissions:

Which is why we created a wine just for them (and for us). With 4 bottles-worth of fine wine and 10 cups in every box, you can now drink wine anytime, anywhere, with anyone. Our boxes also stay fresh for 4 weeks after being opened…that is, if you have any leftover.

So…no more sunscreen flasks, aright?

Public House Wine is fine wine without the bullshit.

*Data used from studies conducted by Public House Wine, Blowfish Hangovers, Wine Market Council and CDC.

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