It's hard to believe that Northlandz — the 52,000 square foot museum housing over 100 model trains and their respective tiny tableaux, located off the beaten path in Flemington, NJ — is all the product of one man's brain. Bruce Zaccagnino first started building trains in his basement, and, well, things really just kept going from there.

The museum as it now stands is a maze of rooms, tracks, and tiny scenes. There are little plane crashes, cemeteries, and factories — it's way more than just a train going around a track with some fake trees alongside of it. Sony took it upon themselves to show the intricacies of this place in a way that nobody has seen it before — by pairing Zaccagnino with miniature photographer Matthew Albanese, and having them conduct three photographic experiments using the Sony QX100 lens-style camera.

See the experiments for yourself in the doc above, and stay tuned for a behind the scenes look at the Separate Together shoot. For more information, head to Sony.

Lisbeth Ortega is a writer based out of San Francisco. She was head editor at Photojojo from 2010 to 2013. Her speciality is cameras, mobile photography, and tech. She waits years to develop film.

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