To Stay Sane And Organized, Treat Yourself This Holiday Season

Tony Carnevale for Tile
Illustrations by Josh Lees

Some book once said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” And, sure, it feels good to give gifts to people around the holidays. But travel, family, and the 5,000 parties you’re invited to can all drive you crazy this time of year. Put down your naughty-and-nice list for 5 seconds and buy yourself one (or more) of these things in order to stay sane. You deserve it!

Don’t Lose It

The holidays are hectic. They can turn someone who ordinarily has their shit 100% together (like yours truly) into a harried, haggard mess, wondering where his dang keys are. Don’t get distracted from the real stuff that needs to get done — like travel, family get-togethers, and cooking several turkeys in a tiny oven. Get yourself Tile Sport, Tile’s most powerful Bluetooth tracker. You’ll never lose your keys again. That means you can use the time you’d spend searching for them on fun stuff like a massage! Speaking of which…


Be A Pro At Travel

My life’s goal is to never check luggage, so I’ve stocked up on some sweet carry-ons. The Travelpro Maxlite 4 is the latest in a long line of top-quality roll-aboard bags from Travelpro. The Maxlite is well-made, and its lifetime warranty has got you covered against any unforeseen disasters. Use it in conjunction with some packing cubes for maximum efficiency and space-saving. And slip a Tile in there before you close everything up to make sure you don’t lose it!

Get A Massage

I always want to get a massage but never make the time (or set aside the cash) for one. The end of the year is the perfect time to finally let someone jab their elbows into your neck (but, like, in a relaxing, nice way), since you may have a few extra days off or even a holiday bonus from work. There are tons of massage deals to be had, but they tend to be pretty local. Ask your friends or check out Groupon to find the best options near you.


Taste The Holidays

When you need a convenient way to tote a stash of emergency eggnog from Point A to Point B, a flask is just the thing. You can’t beat the price on this stainless steel flask and funnel set. Nothing like portable refreshment to help you stay sane, right?


Let There Be Light

The holidays are all about indulging, so why not treat yourself to something that will fill your home with delectable aromas and enchanting light, like this maple candle? It has a wooden wick designed to make crackling noises, much like an actual fire in a fireplace would. That’ll help you chill out and relax after a long day of holiday prep. Now that’s what I call hygge.


What are you planning to buy yourself to survive this holiday season? Let me know in the comments. And when you shift gears and start buying gifts for others, you can quickly cross multiple people off your gift list at once with a Tile combo pack.

Tony Carnevale is a senior writer for Studio@Gizmodo.

This post is a sponsored collaboration between Tile and Studio@Gizmodo. 


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